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Women's Faculty Cabinet

Centers and Offices on Campus

University of Minnesota Women's Center
A unit of the Office for Equity and Diversity, the Women’s Center primarily supports University students, staff, faculty, but also alumni and community members. Toward that end, the Women’s Center connects individuals and organizations with resources, offers leadership development and educational programs, and advocates for systemic policy, structure and climate change.

The GLBTA Programs Office
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Ally (GLBTA) Programs Office is dedicated to improving campus climate for all University of Minnesota students, staff, faculty, alumni, and visitors by developing and supporting more inclusive understandings of gender and sexuality.

We recognize the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, ethnicity, class, ability, age, culture, and all social systems; we are committed to holding ourselves and others accountable for working against all forms of oppression.

The GLBTA Programs Office seeks to bridge and build communities that create affirming and welcoming environments in which people can be their whole selves and which honor all identities and experiences.

Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning envisions a university community where scholarly teaching leads to transformative learning. Our mission is to serve the university community through a commitment to exceptional teaching and learning. The center runs programs which include: Early Career Programs, A Mid-Career Female Faculty Community, A Mid-Career Teaching Community, Multicultural teaching and learning fellowships and Spring and Fall Teaching Seminars.

University Women of Color
Women of color at the University of Minnesota play a vital role in the advancement of the mission of the institution as a whole. University Women of Color sponsors events and gatherings that create a space for all women of color within the University to feel valued, supported, respected, and connected. The website inclues information on events for women of color as well as resources

Mid-Career Faculty Women's Community
The Mid-Career Faculty Women's Community focuses on issues central to the experiences of faculty women. Communication, learning, and teaching styles may vary based on gender and academic discipline, which in turn creates different possibilities and challenges for effective and rewarding teaching practices. This community draws upon the experiences of participants in addition to research on gender, teaching, and women in academe. We will explore and support the teaching practice and professional lives of University faculty women.

Voices from the Gaps
VG is one of the internet's most comprehensive and well-respected academic databases for women artists of color. The site provides innovative teaching and research tools for accessing a global community of women writers of color living and dead, obscure and renowned. The site reaches backward and forward to place readers, thinkers, students, and educators on a bridge which connects the gaps that exist in literature, society, and culture. Through student-generated profiles, essays, reviews, and interviews, readers can engage with artists whose works put faces on difficult and important issues ranging from immigration to racial prejudice, gendered violence to community resistance.

University of Minnesota Policies and Information

Resources on Tenure and Promotion
Key information regarding the tenure and promotion system at the University of Minnesota including an over view of annual proceses regarding tenure and promtion, key changes to the Faculty Tenure Policy, as well as workshops and information sessions for faculty.

Parental Leave Policy
Details regarding Parental Leave for academic employees including elgibility information, timing of leave, leave requirements and employee benefits. The Office of Human Resources also has general information regarding parental leave.

Spousal / Partner Relocation Information
The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) offers support and resources to help spouses or partners explore employment options in this community.This site provides information regarding U of M employment for spouses and partners as well as informtion on searching for jobs in the Twin Cities Area.

Lactation Support
Provides a list of lactation spaces on the Twin Cities campus and helpful information on breastfeeding after returning to work.

Child Care Resources
Resources for on and off campus child care options, conference and visiting child care options, paying for child care as well as additional resources about child care in Minnesota.

Housing Information
Resources and information for housing near the University of Minnesota, rental options, commuting in the Twin Cities metro area as well as additional resources.

Retirement Resources and Information
The University of Minnesota Policy Library provides information regarding retirement programs including eligibility, termination of employment, benefits, procedures and forms and instructions. There are multiple retirement options:

Phased Retirement Program
The University's Phased Retirement Program is a voluntary internal University retirement program provided to tenured faculty members and academic professionals with continuous appointment. The Phased Retirement Program is designed to facilitate change within units by providing compensation in return for tenure or continuous appointment resignation. This program requires the faculty or academic professional to reduce their work effort for a period of between one and five years.

Terminal Agreement Program
The University Terminal Agreement Program is an internal retirement program provided to tenured faculty members and academic professionals with continuous appointment. The Terminal Agreement Program is designed to facilitate change within units by providing remuneration in return for tenure or continuous appointment resignation. The individual must terminate employment and surrender tenure or rights to continuous appointment prior to receiving any benefit under this agreement.

Transitions Phased Retirment Program
The University’s Transitions Phased Retirement Program (Transitions Program) is a voluntary internal University retirement program provided to tenured faculty members and continuous academic professionals. The Transitions Program is designed to (1) support tenured faculty and continuous academic professionals as they plan for life after retirement and (2) to help colleges and campuses plan for change by providing compensation and other forms of support in return for tenure or continuous appointment resignation.