Graduate Education

Henning Schroeder, Vice Provost and Dean

Just over three years ago, the University began a restructuring effort designed to enhance the graduate student experience, streamline administrative processes, and improve the quality of graduate education. Since then, we have made significant progress, but we are now taking a close look at what is working well and what refinements may be needed to help us fully realize the original goals.

For example, in spring 2013, the Graduate School and the Provost's Office recently responded to an urgent need to enhance funding for graduate student recruitment. That response, however, was a small stopgap; the campus needs to revisit both the funding levels and the funding mechanisms for graduate fellowships. The president has also requested recommendations to sharpen our focus on graduate education.

At the beginning of the fall 2013 semester, Provost Hanson and the Faculty Consultative Committee have charged the Special Committee on Graduate Education (SCGE) to identify opportunities for enhancement, along with problems we need to solve and possible solutions to those problems. These efforts will stretch into the next academic year, but as quickly as we can identify and agree on needed changes, we will move to implement them.

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