Promotion and tenure

2011 Tenure Policy Revisions

Additional revisions to the tenure policy were adopted in 2011. Learn more about the key changes here.

2011 Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure (download PDF)

Note: For some faculty hired prior to fall 2007, the 2001 policy is still applicable for promotion and/or tenure:

Download PDF: 2001 Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure

2006-2007 Tenure Revision Process

On June 7, 2007, the Board of Regents approved historic changes in the Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure. These changes represent a faculty-driven process to increase the rigor in tenure and promotion standards at the University of Minnesota while increasing the flexibility of the standards to improve work-life balance for faculty.

Download PDF: Rationale and Process for Revising the Regents Policy for Faculty Tenure



Tenure is the keystone for academic freedom and excellence, awarded for academic and professional merit. The Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure (tenure regulations) is the comprehensive institutional code that articulates the formal relationship between the University and its faculty. The tenure regulations were adopted by the Board of Regents in 1945 and continues to uphold "the conviction that a well-defined statement of rules is essential to the protection of academic freedom and to the promotion of excellence at the University of Minnesota. A well-designed promotion and tenure system ensures that considerations of academic quality will be the basis for academic personnel decisions, and thus provides the foundation for academic excellence." (Preamble, Regents Policy on Faculty Tenure)

Tenure Regulations

Tenure and Promotion Processes

Dossier and Promotion Dossier Resources

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Promotion and tenure workshops

Promotion and Tenure Workshop for Probationary Faculty

Faculty will be contacted directly via email about all upcoming workshops

This is an annual workshop for probationary, tenure-track faculty at any stage who are interested in learning about the promotion and tenure process. The workshop will include information about recent changes to the tenure code and to the administrative procedures governing promotion and/or tenure, new departmental 7.12 statements, and a dialogue with faculty panelists who have been recently tenured.

Promotion to Full Professor Workshops

Faculty will be contacted directly via email about all upcoming workshops.

These are workshops for associate professors about promotion to full professor. Workshops include information about the newly approved tenure code and how it addresses promotion to full professor, as well as a panel of recently promoted full professors.




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