2012 Tate Award Recipient

Jeannie Stumne

Director, Career Services, CEHD Student Services, College of Education and Human Development

Jeannie StumneJeannie Stumne is the Director of Career Services in CEHD Student Services in the College of Education and Human Development. Jeannie is recognized for her on-going commitment and contributions to advising and career services. Since joining the University community in 2001 Jeannie has built an impressive resume of accomplishments as an adviser, career counselor and career services leader.

Her nominators noted:

“What is unique about Jeannie’s skill set is her background in both academic advising and career counseling. She blends these approaches effectively in helping students recognize both their academic skills and their career aspirations. Especially noteworthy is Jeannie’s ability to compassionately and effectively guide students who, for personal or cultural reasons, are committed to career paths that are unrealistic for them, such as nursing. She does this by utilizing a respectful, culturally-sensitive approach that allows the students to discover their own paths.”

Jeannie was the 2011 recipient of the CEHD Multicultural Recognition Staff Award, celebrating a career-long commitment to diversity and multiculturalism. Her colleagues strongly attest to this strength: “Jeannie has shaped our services in a way that allows our staff to think more broadly about diversity and how we can incorporate this into our work. She has served on the CDN Diversity Committee for several years, which created the Diversity & Inclusion Recognition Program. She has also created initiatives to make career services more accessible for TRiO students.”

In her personal statement, Jeannie states:

“If I could give one piece of advice to every new advisor and career counselor beginning their career it would: Listen to your students, develop a connection with them and know yourself well. Listening, connecting and self-awareness are what guide me and I believe, has allowed me to be successful working with students both as an advisor and a career counselor.

“Whether I’m helping a student determine classes so they can graduate in four years, or assisting a student with their job search, I have always listened to my students even when it felt like I didn’t have the time. I do this because in order to help a student, I feel strongly they need to be heard. I honestly believe the success of an advisor or career counselor relies profoundly on their willingness and ability to listen and uncover the real issue. Or as I like to say, ‘What’s really going on here?’ I work hard to create a space for all students to feel at ease and comfortable which allows me to develop a connection with them so we can get to the real issues. I strive to be authentic in all of my interactions with students whether it is an hour long appointment, a presentation/workshop or a quick conversation at an event. I practice patience, ask a lot of questions and I genuinely show interest in their lives.”

A student summed up the comments of several students:

“She made it comfortable for me to share the struggles I was experiencing as an incoming college student and did not judge me or have any preconception of who I was as a person. Instead she took the time to get to know me and understand where I was coming from. …Throughout my four years as an undergrad student, Jeannie not only helped me advance in my academics, but personally as well. She helped me better understand my skills and how I can align them with a career I would be happy in and excel at. She always had great insight on where to find more information on particular career interests and made it a point to share her professional network. It is through her professional network that I had the chance to meet with various professionals in the fields I was interested in. This allowed me to develop strategies on how I can tailor my academics and gain the necessary experience to achieve my career goals.

“…But most importantly, from the day we met she always had faith in my potential. She understood the various cultural obstacles I would have to overcome to achieve my career goal, but she never once doubted me. It is because of her guidance and support that I am now in graduate school and pursuing my dream of getting my Masters and working for a Fortune 500 company. …I know that no matter where life takes me, Jeannie will always play a key role in influencing the choices I make in life. She is beyond deserving of the award and I know she will only continue to make a difference in students' lives.”