Graduate Fellowship Recipients, National and International Awards

The national and international competitions listed below are administered by the Graduate School Fellowship Office, 314 Johnston Hall. 

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Awards

Fellowships to conduct up to ten months of independent study/research in Germany.

Year Name Study
2010-11 Leonore Phillips Anthropology
2009-10 Eric Roubinek History
2008-09 Sean Nye Comparative Studies in Discourse & Society
2007-08 Edward Snyder History
2005-06 Jennifer Illuzzi History
2004-05 Brechtje Beuker German Studies
2003-04 Katja Guenther Sociology

Fulbright Scholars Program

Scholarships for one year of study, research or teaching in one of 150 countries. 

Year Name Study/Region
2010-11 Alyssa Anderson Entomology
2010-11 Andrew Carlson Mechanical Engineering
2010-11 Rolf Jacobson Architecture
2010-11 Andrew Johnson Sociology
2010-11 Moana McClellan Plant Biological Sciences
2010-11 David Morton History
2010-11 Heather O'Leary Anthropology
2010-11 Raphi Rechitsky Sociology
2010-11 Annie Rollins Theatre Arts
2009-10 Ryan Alaniz Sociology
2009-10 Clelia Mannino Psychology
2009-10 Ashley Olstad Germanic Studies
2009-10 Heather Taterka Food Science
2009-10 Drew Thompson History
2008-09 Naheed Aaftaab Anthropology
2008-09 Amy Chen Geophysics
2008-09 Matthew Grandbois Chemistry
2008-09 Matthew Konieczny History
2008-09 Rachel Kulick Sociology
2008-09 Noelle Noonan Music
2008-09 Brian Piasecki Plant Biological Sciences
2008-09 Anne Wallen Germanic Studies
2007-08 Tovah Bender History, Italy
2007-08 Rachel Brummel Conservation Biology, Australia
2007-08 Todd Olin Law, Norway
2007-08 Richard Parks History of Medicine, Tunisia
2007-08 Aeleah Soine History, Germany
2007-08 Elizabeth Swedo History, Iceland
2007-08 Julie Whitcomb Mechanical Engineering, Germany
2006-07 Adam Johnson Neuroscience, Norway
2006-07 Luis Morera History, Spain
2006-07 Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr Medicine, Venezuela
2005-06 Jane DeRonne Communication Studies, Germany-Teaching Assistantship
2005-06 Jennifer Illuzz History, Italy
2005-06 Barbara Martinez Conservation Biology, Madagascar
2005-06 Lynne Newton Anthropology, Oman
2005-06 Jeanine Refsnider Conservation Biology, New Zealand
2005-06 Robert Strand Business Administration, Norway
2005-06 Michelle Wieland Conservation Biology, Congo
2004-05 Ted Brekken Electrical Engineering, Norway
2004-05 Kristen Jones, Scandinavian Studies, Denmark
2004-05 Fawna  Korhonen Geology, Finland
2004-05 Elizabeth Lunstrum Geography, Mozambique
2004-05 Kristin Mercer Applied Plant Sciences, Mexico
2004-05 Lisa Peschel Theatre Arts, Czech Republic
2003-04 Eric Dregni Creative Writing/Norway
2003-04 Cynthia Hale Forestry/Poland
2003-04 Mirko Hall Germanic Studies/Germany
2003-04 Jennifer Hoyer Germanic Studies/Germany
2003-04 Kris Johnson Conservation Biology/Mexico

Luce Scholars Program

Eighteen scholarships awarded nationwide for one-year internships in Asia. 

Year Name Study/Region
2004-05 Richard Hermes Creative Writing, Thailand

National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowship Program

NSF Fellowships provide three years of support to pursue graduate study in science and engineering disciplines. 

Year Name Department of Study
2010-11 Andrea Bailey Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Christine Balonek Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Adrienne Banny Psychology
2010-11 Samuel Blass Materials Science and Engineering
2010-11 Stephanie Cantu Psychology
2010-11 Ariel Chatman Mechanical Engineering
2010-11 Boris Chernomordik Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Andrea Claassen Conservation Biology
2010-11 Timothy Currie Geography
2010-11 Kevin Dilks Mathematics
2010-11 Matthew Dufort Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 James Faghmous Computer Science
2010-11 Gregory Gay Computer Science
2010-11 Audrey Guerard Chemistry
2010-11 Mohammad Faisal Hadi Biomedical Engineering
2010-11 Judd Hultquist Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Genetics
2010-11 Samia Ilias Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Kathryn Johnson Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Antonia Kaczkurkin Psychology
2010-11 Rachael Klein Psychology
2010-11 Elizabeth Koch Computer Science
2010-11 Margaret Kosmala Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Lela Lackey Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
2010-11 Gregory LeFevre Civil Engineering
2010-11 Rachel Levine Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Elliott Love Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Alexander Maki Psychology
2010-11 Melissa Maurer-Jones Chemistry
2010-11 Maria Miranda Chemistry
2010-11 Amy Monn Child Psychology
2010-11 Nathaniel Mueller Conservation Biology
2010-11 Daniel Nidzgorski Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Hollie Nyseth Sociology
2010-11 Derek Oberreit Mechanical Engineering
2010-11 Lisa O'Bryan Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Derek (Jason) Owens Chemical Engineering
2010-11 Julianna Sapienza Child Psychology
2010-11 Jillian Schmidt Materials Science and Engineering
2010-11 Jonathan Schwenk Civil Engineering
2010-11 Eric Severson Electrical Engineering
2010-11 Brian Skinner Physics
2010-11 Megan Strauss Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Laura Supkoff Child Psychology
2010-11 Alexandra Swanson Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
2010-11 Luke Venstrom Mechanical Engineering
2010-11 Laura Vietti Geology
2010-11 Kelly Volp Chemistry
2010-11 Patrick Willoughby Chemistry


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