Four-Year Graduation Agreement

Four-Year  Graduation Agreement
Fall 2015 New freshman

Students at the University of Minnesota follow many diverse paths to complete their bachelor's degree. Students may elect to complete their degree requirements within four years of their initial freshman enrollment, depending on their major.

Students who elect to participate in the Four Year Graduation Plan will work closely with their advisers to make sure they know the requirements that must be met and the appropriate sequences in which to take courses.

By signing below, I agree to participate in the Four Year Graduation Plan. The University will ensure that graduation in the allotted time span will not be delayed by the unavailability of courses. (If you choose to cancel your agreement with the University at any time, there is no penalty for doing so.)

I agree to satisfy the following terms:

  1. Enter the University as a freshman in fall semester and submit the  "Four-Year Graduation Agreement"  by the end of the first day of fall semester classes.
  2. Complete the freshman writing requirement in the first year.
  3. Choose a major that qualifies for the Four Year Graduation Plan and prepare to begin my degree plan when I start at the University. Change majors only if I can still meet all requirements for the new major by my planned graduation date.
  4. Monitor my own progress, and seek advice from my adviser, so that I stay on track toward graduation in four years.
  5. Register within two days of my assigned time each semester. Enroll in available courses needed for my program of study, recognizing that any specific course may not be available at the time or in the term in which I would like to take it.
  6. Complete 30-36 semester hours of credits each year for four years, as required by my college and major, and meet all degree progress checkpoints.
  7. Maintain good academic standing as determined by the department and college offering my major.
  8. Notify my college advising office if I am unable to register for a required course. If the course is a degree progress checkpoint, submit a Notification of Unavailable Course form prior to the end of registration for the term in which the course is needed.
  9. Apply for graduation by the appropriate deadline.
  10. Make timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance.

If I comply with all of the above conditions, but I am unable to graduate due to the unavailability of a course (or courses), the University department and college offering the major will choose one of the following:

  1. Allow me to graduate in the given time period by substituting a different course (or courses) or independent study assignment or waiving the requirement at the discretion of my program,
  2. Allow me to graduate in the given time period by giving me priority registration for the next term,
  3. If our inability to provide this course delays your graduation beyond four years depending on your major, the University will pay the tuition for any additional required courses, provided you have met all of the expectations listed above.

These procedures will constitute the exclusive remedy for the Four Year Plan agreement. The University is under no obligation to provide these adjustments unless I submit a written request using the Notification of Unavailable Course form for accommodation to my college adviser prior to the end of registration in the term in which I must enroll for the course(s) in question.

By submitting the agreement form, I agree to the Four Year Graduation Plan as described above.

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