This four-year graduation plan program was available to students who entered the University as freshmen fall semester 2015 and prior years.


Last year, almost three-quarters of our incoming freshmen said that they expected to graduate in four years. If you are like those students, the Four-Year Graduation Plan is a way to help you achieve your goal. If you make a plan and have a goal, you are much more likely to get there!

Most of the degree programs at the University are designed to be completed in four years. If you meet all the stated expectations for planning and performance, we will assure that the classes you need to graduate are available— if we can't keep our promise, and you have to stay at the University longer than four years because we can't offer a needed course, we'll approve a substitute course or pay the tuition for your course.

Part of the expectation for the four year graduation plan is that you will carefully plan a year's worth of work at a time,and that you will have a general plan for your entire academic career, term by term. During your freshman year, your adviser will be able to provide you with more information about how to plan for your University study.

If you choose later in your studies to take advantage of other opportunities that will delay your graduation beyond four years, you may certainly do so. There is no penalty for walking away from this agreement at any time— you are in charge!

What is the Four-Year Graduation Plan?

The University of Minnesota is committed to ensuring that students who want to graduate in four years have the opportunity to do so, and that they understand what is needed to make it happen. The Four-year Graduation Plan is the University's commitment to help you make it happen. The complete Four-Year Graduation Plan is listed here.

You should read the Four-Year Graduation Plan carefully and discuss it with your family and friends to decide whether it is for you. But if you agree to do everything necessary to complete your studies in four years, we will provide the courses you need.