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...[The regents shall] make a report annually, to the Legislature...exhibiting the state and progress of the University...and such other information as they may deem proper, or may from time to time be required of them....

- University charter, 1851 Territorial Laws, Chapter 3, Section 16

Since the University of Minnesota's inception, citizens, the state legislature, the federal government, the Board of Regents, alumni, students, parents, employers, and many others have held the University accountable for fulfilling its fundamental land-grant mission of teaching, research, and outreach.

Over the years, the ways in which the University has demonstrated its accountability and its progress in meeting mission-related goals have been many—legislative reports and testimony, financial reports, accreditation reviews, and collegiate and unit annual reports to their constituencies. The University Plan, Performance, and Accountability Report is the principal annual documentation of that accountability.

2016 Report

The 2016 Report was approved by the Board of Regents at its February 10, 2017 meeting:

To request a print copy of the full report or the highlights brochure, please contact Marlo Welshons, Assistant to the Provost, at 612-625-0563 or

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